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The 11th House In Vedic Astrology

Meaning of 11th House in Vedic Astrology

Eleventh House in Vedic Astrology is known as Aya Bhava. Aya means Income in Astrology. Eleventh House is also known for Elder Brothers and Sisters.

Importance of 11th House in Kundali

Significance of Eleventh house in Horoscope is related to the promotions, friends, social circle, associations, Rewards from work/ job, money, elder siblings, well-wishers, community, legislation and regulation, self-realization, profit, gain, income, large groups, humanitarian interests, liberty, social interaction, aims, friends, ambitions, prize or recognition from authorities, long term desires / goals and their fulfillment.

Effect of Eleventh house on Body Parts in Horoscope

Eleventh House represents calves, left ear, left arm, circulation, legs, left ear, teeth, ankle etc.

If the Eleventh house in natal chart is weak then it results in Circulatory problems, fracture of the lower portion of legs, pain in legs, problems of low productivity of blood, cancer of leg, etc.

11th House Effecting Areas of Life in Horoscope

It supports to predict if our objectives and desires will get fulfilled or not. It is called as Labha Bhava in Vedic horoscope which is the house of prosperity. ‘Labha’ means gains. It’s a strong index of wealth and income, gain in name, fame, and money, and also plays a important part to determining what brings you profits. Eleventh House in Vedic horoscope rules your social circle, your friends, neighbors, your well-wishers and your relation with your elder brother.

11th House Conclusion in your Birth Chart


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