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The 4th House In Vedic Astrology

Meaning of 4th House in Vedic Astrology

Forth House in Vedic Astrology is known as Sukha Bhava. Sukha means Happiness in Astrology. Forth House is also known for Mother.

Importance of 4th House in Kundali

Significance of Fourth House in Horoscope is related to the house, mother, father, material possessions, domestic affairs, land, family, building, cattle, your home life, your emotions, your subconscious, and possibly your relationship with your parents, farms, vehicles, Luxuries, personal foundations, matters related to real estate, your roots, happiness, learning, motherland, home, residence, domestic environments, fixed property.

Effect of Fourth House on Body Parts in Horoscope

Fourth House represents breasts, chest, lungs, stomach, elbow joint etc.

If the Fourth House in natal chart is weak then it results in coronary problems, physical ailments of breast, chest, heart and lungs disorders, mental disorders, lunacy and the problems connected to the circulatory systems.

4th House Effecting Areas of Life in Horoscope

The fields that come under the effect of the 4th House are property, house, land, cattle, matters linked to real estate, automobiles, and material possessions.

4th house is called the centre of the birth chart. It talks about your breed and origin. The native dominantly impacted by the 4th house. You have a clear image of your primary source through this house. It can tell you about your home and similar matters. Your ancestral property is covered under this House. Your property, house, estate matters, and your possessions such as automobile etc are analyzed by supportive or unsupportive planetary positions in the 4th House. You can know about your domestic happiness.

4th House Conclusion in your Birth Chart


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