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The 6th House In Vedic Astrology

Meaning of 6th House in Vedic Astrology

Sixth House in Vedic Astrology is known as Shatru Bhava. Shatru means Enemy in Astrology. Sixth House is also known for Roga. Roga means Disease in Astrology.

Importance of 6th House in Kundali

Significance of Sixth house in Horoscope is related to the enemies, disease, daily work, sickness, debt, diet, service, work, physical ability to work, short term or acute sickness, injuries, employees, co-workers, break of relationships, caretaking, maternal uncles and aunts, sin, mundane daily tasks, physical pain, our method of responding to everyday crises, wicked act, personal hygiene, and fear.

Effect of Sixth house on Body Parts in Horoscope

Sixth House represents for digestive system, kidney, large intestine, pancreas, colon, strength of our immune system, uterus and anus etc.

If the Sixth house in natal chart is weak then it results in sickness like appendicitis, poisoning, constipation, hernia, blood urea, psychiatric problems, exhaustion and nervous breakdown.

6th House Effecting Areas of Life in Horoscope

This house corresponds primarily to your fitness, wellness, and your daily life cycle. Surely the body you’re born with comes under the first house but the choices that you make on a daily basis that upsets your body are found in the sixth house. Sixth House is called as Ari Bhava. Ari means ‘Enemy’ and hence this house also linked to debts, obstacles, attackers, and hardship. However, a human having Rahu in the sixth house in his birth chart is nearly impossible to defeat.

This house support to predict facts and aspects concerning illness such as what type of disorders we may contract, how long it might take to recover from illnesses, which of our body parts are more sensitive to getting ill, the power of our immune system and so on.

6th House Conclusion in your Birth Chart


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