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The 8th House In Vedic Astrology

Meaning of 8th House in Vedic Astrology

Eighth House in Vedic Astrology is known as Mrityu Bhava. Mrityu means Death in Astrology. Eighth House is also known for Ayu. Ayu means Longevity in Astrology.

Importance of 8th House in Kundali

Significance of eighth house in Horoscope is related to the Transformations, regeneration, longevity, taxes, defeat, inheritances, sudden events like Lottery, wills & legacies, insult, latent occult ability, turnarounds in life, joint resources, sorrow, scandal, tragic accidents, misfortune, obstacles, mystery, impediment, transformation, deep analysis of any area, mental anxiety, bad reutation regeneration, sexuality, addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking, personal sacrifices, alimony, clairvoyance, hidden things, unearned money, deep research, disappointment, worries, deep emotions, delay, uncover hidden things, defeat, Change of lifestyle/ residence/ job or other activity, occult matters and death.

Effect of Eighth house on Body Parts in Horoscope

Eighth House represents scortum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, sex organs, ovaries, prostate gland etc.

If the Eighth house in natal chart is weak then it results in fissure, impotency, piles, urinary infections, boils, chronic diseases, etc

8th House Effecting Areas of Life in Horoscope

Eighth house is called as Randhra Bhava, controls over death, durability and quick events like Lottery. It is also linked to wealth. Quick losses, gains, the share of assets fall under the eighth house realm. This house is also the house of mysteries and conversions. It can bring depression, chronic illness, miseries, lack of mental peace, confinement etc to the human beings affected. However on a positive note, the native may have strong intuitive skills and such people can also master the fields of psychology, astrology, mathematics, and paranormal activities.

8th House Conclusion in your Birth Chart


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