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Moon Role and Importance In Astrology

It is believed that the moon controls the energy of brain and adaptability. It is additionally believed to supply strength of meditation, awareness and resistance towards bloodless diseases. The Moon in Vedic astrology is referred to as CHANDRA. The ascendant or Lagna is the most useful home in the horoscope. The moon performs a big function in the area of astrology whilst predicting human fate. Moon is so necessary that the horoscope is regarded from the Moon also. This is known as Chandra Lagna.

Moon characteristics: The Moon is a karaka of many effects on human life. He is an indicator of the mother, and ladies in general, the public, common well-being and happiness, femininity and beauty, the eyesight, reminiscence and the mind. Many western scholar of astrology are stunned to find out that the Moon is indicative of the mind, and no longer Mercury. The Sun is the indicator of the soul, and the Moon is the automobile of the thought that receives the mild of the soul. Mercury is the similarly method that is known as the intellect, which area a cost on what the idea has received.

The thinking about the Moon is indicative of all the senses and their potential to pick out lifestyles in its whole splendor. Mercury represents a similarly distillation and conceptualization of that method and its final internationalization in forming judgment. The Moon is most blissful and effective in the 4th House; she additionally likes the angles.

Moon Nakshatras: In Rohini, Hast, Shravan, Punarvasu, Vishakha, and Purva Bhadrapad nakshatras it offers right and really useful effect. It additionally offers favorable results if it is in Kritika, Uttra Phalguni, Ashlekha, Jyestha, Uttra Khad, and Revati nakshatras.

Day of the week governed by Moon: Moonday or Day of the Moon – Moonday

Our left brain would blame it on lack of sleep, but in actually, Monday also happens to be the day of the moon. In horoscope, the moon is adjustable, and highly blazing, and interestingly.

Suitably, moon also sets the blazing tone for the delicate ahead. Moon is also a warship the of load shiva, and king shiva is a educator of moon so that is why if a person who touching many problems due to moon he will do puja of laud shiva

Color of the Moon – Orange or Colors ruled by Moon: Pink and Orange.

Lucky color: Red, Violet

Lucky Number: 2, 7, 9

Lucky Stones: Ruby

Alternate stones: Diamond

Lucky Metal: Copper, Iron

Lucky Days: Monday

Passion: To lead the way for others

Life Pursuit: The thrill of the moment

Vibration: Enthusiastic

Ruling Planet: Mars

Orbit time of the whole zodiac of the Moon –Twelve months

Moon is Ruling Planet of the zodiac sign of most cancers. That is the only signal inside the zodiac that sees its ruler traveling as soon as each month. The tides of the seas and a lot of our life's cycles inclusive of the lady reproductive cycle are based at the rhythms of the Moon.

The Moon displays the mild strength gathers from the sun. The Moon rules emotions and feelings.

Astrologically, Moon denotes mental and emotional energy in human beings. While sun is the King, the Moon is considered the Queen of the solar gadget. In keeping with Vedic machine of Astrology, Moon is a natural benefic and capable of giving fantastic intellectual strength and prosperity.

Day: Monday

Direction: North-West

Colour: White

Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 27 days

Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 324 days

Nature: Tender and peaceful

Friendly planets: Mars, Jupiter and Moon

Enemy planets: Saturn , Moon nodes

Neutral planets: Mercury

Own Sign: Cancer

Exalted in: Taurus

Debilitated in: Scorpio

Metal: Silver

Precious Stone: Pearl

If well placed signifies: Prosperity & wealth

If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance and jealous nature

Represents: Mother

Body parts ruled: Heart, eye, fluids of body, lungs

Diseases genrate by Moon: Weak eyesight, Tension, depression, heart problems, respiratory Problems, Tuberculosis, cold and cough

Element governed by Moon: water

Orbit time in a single signal of the zodiac – 1 month

• We see from March 1st to March 4th. The Moon travelled from zero:2 of Sagittarius to 7:31 of Capricorn in seventy two hours (general 37.Five degrees).

• From March 10th. To March twelfth. The Moon travelled from 2:43 Aries to 2:39 Taurus in forty eight hours (general 29 stages fifty six minutes)

• From March twelfth. To March 14th. The Moon travelled from 2:39 Taurus to at least one:45 Gemini in forty eight hours (total 29 degrees 6 mins).

We additionally see that the Moon commenced at zero stages of Sagittarius on the 1st. And returned to eight tiers Sagittarius at the twenty ninth. - So the complete 360 degree orbit took just over 28 days.

Nature of the Moon –

It depends on the earth. Although it is considered as a luminary in astrology it does not have its personal light but shines due to the reflection of solar’s radiation. On the perigee moon is 356404 Kilometres far from the earth and at the apogee its miles 406680 Kilometres faraway from the earth. As applicable for all the planets its route is also elliptic. It's far almost 1/4th the size of the earth. One thrilling aspect is that handiest one half of the moon is seen by us on the home planet.

Moon benefits in astrology , benefits of strong moon in astrology

An excellent and strong moon offers a very good mentality and mindset. The man or woman with a strong moon can preserve many pressures of lifestyles and still continue to be non complaining where because the native with a susceptible or moon will always be looking for excuses, can be blaming others for his own fault.

Bad effects of moon in astrology,

Unsafe impact of moon in all people's Kundali (horoscope) makes the individual fragile and much less prompted in the direction of his work. Unstable minds, poor mental conditions, mood swings – moon could make the affected individual go through detrimental conditions

Constellation belongs to the Moon –

Nakshatra of Chandra = comfort zones

1. Chandra in Azvini-Dasra

2. Chandra in Bharani-Yamya

3. Chandra in Krittika-Pleyades

4. Chandra in Rohini-Brahmi

5. Chandra in Mrigazirshana-Invaka

6. Chandra in Arudra-Orion

7. Chandra in Punarvasu-Aditya

8. Chandra in Pushya-Sidhya

9. Chandra in Azlesa-Naga

10. Chandra in Magha-Regulus

11. Chandra in Purvaphalguni-Yoni

12. Chandra in Uttaraphalguni-Aryaman

13. Chandra in Hasta-Savitra

14. Chandra in Chitra-Spica

15. Chandra in Svatika-Arcturus

16. Chandra in Visaka-Radha

17. Chandra in Anuradha-Maitra

18. Chandra in Jyeztha-Antares

19. Chandra in Mula-Vichruta

20. Chandra in Purvazadha-Apah

21. Chandra in Uttarazadha-Vaizva

22. Chandra in Shraviztha-Hari

23. Chandra in Dhaniztha-Delphinus

24. Chandra in Sadachbia-Varuna

25. Chandra in Purvabhadra-Pegasus

26. Chandra in Uttarabhadra-Andromeda

27. Chandra in Revatika-Pashu

Chandra in Azvini-Dasra

• Each of the Ketu-dominated nakshatra of Chandra = electro-magnetic emotionally likeminded with the alternative impermanent, surrendering, wandering, Ketu-ruled Observers

• Ketu-conscious-contentment

• Psychic twinning; matched pairs; observer of fireplace within the coronary heart

• No individual boundaries Does what they want?, with whom they want?


• The mother may be a physician (Azvini).


• Azvini-Chandra regularly has a psychic twin, who can be the wedding associate, crew-mate, a close buddy, an ancestor spirit, or a physical twin.

• The twin's social rank won't in shape one's rank.

• Regularly (now not continually) a vast gap of age or social stations.

• Azvini bureaucracy "eccentric center partnerships". Nevertheless, the bond is profound

Emotional distancing

As all the Ketu-controled Chandra nakshatra, Magha often longs for the company of one unattainable, distant, or uncaring. Trend towards to unrequited love relationships, or very odd unions with partners from a socially different world. The same way other Nakshatra will do some expects on human life.

Geometrical shape governed by Moon: A quadrangle.

Inimical planets of the Moon: Venus Saturn Rahu

Neutral planet of the Moon: Mercury

Own house in the Zodiac of the Moon: Leo or Moon rules the zodiacal Sign: Leo or Moon orders the zodiacal House: Natural astrological fifth house.

Mooltrik: 20 degree of Leo

Exaltation in the Zodiac –

In Taurus, Moon becomes exalted which means that its natural traits are highly amplified. As a result, people with exalted Moon in Taurus are inherently sympathetic, nourishing, understanding, unconditionally loving, and empathic

Debilitation in the zodiac –

According to Vedic horocope, Moon is disabled in a horoscope when it is located in the sign of Scorpio, which in Plain words means that Moon becomes the powerless when located in Scorpio differentiate to its placement in all the other signs. Debilitated Moon is Linked with many bad things by many fortuneteller and it is believed by a number of fortuneteller that debilitated Moon always works resentfully in a horoscope and it brings rough results for the citizen under its influence. This is not the case in actual practice and Weak Moon can work positively as well as negatively in a horoscope depending on the other key factors and depending on the total tone of the horoscope of a native under deliberation.

Metal of the Moon – Gold and Copper or Metals governed by Moon

Precious gemstone – gem is the Moonstone and Natural Pearls

Moon metal is silver and her direction is northwest. Moon rules the mood or mind of invidual. In vedic astrometry moon situated house in horoscope is called Rashi of human being.

Time of wearing stone

What day and time red Moon stone gemstone to wear? For good magical effects, one should wear Moonstone on Monday morning between 5 am to 7 am in Shukla paksha days. But here some negtive affects if you will not follow proper processors from a professional astrologer

Finger- You should be worn in small finger of right hand. But with proper processors and astrologer consultations

Special features of the Moon – The Moon in astrology represents our innermost personal needs and desires. It also controls our basic habits, voluntary reactions and feelings, and the unconscious stage of our brain

Vimshottari Mahadasha period of the Moon – 120 Years

Well placed Moon signifies – It brings money, wealth and social status when it is exalted in the 7th house.

Adverse Moon denotes – Weak, Debilitated, Afflicted Moon in Astrology in 12th House: Bad placement of Moon in this house makes the native a spendthrift on an extreme level and they will spend their money on extremely unnecessary things in life. Such a native may also have debt on account of his spendthrift nature Represents – Father and Government or Moon as relationship signifies: Father.

The body parts control by Moon –

Moon is exprssing the karaka of brain and heart. It rules Heart, lungs, left eye, breast, brain, blood, body fluids, tube filling, abdominal, renal and lymphatic duct.

Moon organs: Rules the left nostril, eyesight, the breasts, and the brain (memory).

Governed by Moon: mood of human binges.

Moon diseases or Ailments by the Moon –

afflicted, debilitated, exiled, or weak Moon causes cold, cough, fever, eye infection, lunacy, paralysis, epilepsy, hysteria, colic pains, beriberi, intestinal disorders, throat difficulty, bronchitis, dysentery, neurosis, typhoid, and cancer.

Moon friends and enemies: Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are friends of moon, and Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are its natural enemies.

Remedies to reduce the ill effects of Moon

1. Never take a silvery gift or accept silver as charity.

2. Donate Silver - if you can't afford, then even donating a small thread of silver is sfficent - do this once/twice a year.

3. Give milk and don't drink milk on Monday .

4. Forget any donations that you give, don't recall anything that you may have donated. Thank the person who accepted your donation and never be selfish.

5. Eat coconut, wear white dress, doing anulom-vilom breathing (for Sun & Moon), keep small plants in the North of the house.

Similary many more remedies but you need to follow procedure from good astrologer.

Worship of Moon

• The best way to please Moon is, by doing good to others.

• One can donate Daana according to their affordability; however, donating white colored things such as sugar, white clothes, rice or white sweet is considered good.

• giving silver and pearl is also consider to be very effective.

Gender of Moon: Female

Planetary cabinet status of Moon: Queen.

Temperament of Moon: dark and warm.

Element governed by Moon: water.

Primary character or guna of Moon: Sattva Guna or Serenity.

Caste of the Moon: No Moon Caste.

Directional strength of Moon:

So when they are located in Lagna or Ascendant, they get full Directional strength and develop into Digbali Planets. Similarly Sun and Mars are capable in south direction.

Directional strength of Planets Vedic Astrology.

Planets : Directional Strength

Saturn: 7th House

Venus and Moon: 4th House

Directional weakness of Moon: In the Fourth House.


Moon converts combust when it comes within 12 degrees on either side of the Sun. Mercury converts combust when it comes within 14 degrees on either side of the Sun provided Mercury is in forward Motion. When Mercury is in retrograde motion, the degree of compactness for combustion of Mercury becomes 12 degrees.


Moon supervised birth charts often make the natives well versed in professions that require nurturing and decording things. Cooking, makeup and beauty, interior designing etc are a few productive choices. Moon also allows the native psychic power, the ability to persuade and heal thus therapy, astrology, healing, therapy, counseling are also a few sufficient options for people under strong control of Moon. Fields presenting to water also suit them well such as liquids, sailing, fishery, dairy, brewery merchants, etc. Domestic help, waitressing, public relationship, service industry, restaurant are also a few options to consider.


Retrograde motion is when a planet comes out, when observed from Earth, to reverse direction. This happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit. In the realm of astrology, retrograde motion has negative significance. Moon is not retrograde planet.


The facets of the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Mercury is 1⁄4 at the 3rd and the 10th, 1⁄2 at the 5th and the 9th, 3⁄4 at the 4th and the 8th and full at the 7th. In actual practice, fortuneteller seem to ignore partial aspects.

Hard Aspects:

The native is forced to consider constantly his/her emotional reactions from a detached mental standpoint, as though he/she were an external passing judgment on him/herself. The sensitive emotions of the Moon here are fettered or shackled with a reaction of brain, at times unwelcome, but always necessary.

The native always has to ask him/herself what he/she thinks about own sensitivities. The native can't act immediately without first reviewing his/her mental reactions. Some of such people tend to misuse money on trivial household items. They annoy family and friends nervous about them too much. Women may be so boring that friends ignore them. These people must learn to give and take and gain control of their ego.

Soft Aspects:

The native is shrewd and intuitive, yet authentic and sensible. human have ample common sense and usually have good health, but this native may have problems from too much nervous energy. The native's emotional nature seems a nature outgrowth and consequences of correct or fortunate mental mood. When the native feels like it, human feelings is thoughtful or thoughts are full of emotion, but human can feel something independently of mental reactions or think something independently of human emotions. Such human bings are usually good teachers, writers, reporters and conversationalists. Men will have a good wedding and/or a brillant wife.

Sunafa Yog

Sunafa is an auspicious and powerful yoga that takes place when there are planets in the 2nd house in the chart (except Rahu, Ketu and Sun).

This is a very powerful yoga in Hindu predictive astrology. This yoga makes the person intelligent, prosperous, sanguine and blissful.

The person becomes a self-made person and gets success by virtue of personal merit and effort.

Anafa Yog

Anafa yoga is created when there are planets in the 12th house in the Kundli (except Rahu, Ketu and Sun).

The person with Anafa yoga will have dynamic and magnetic personality. He will get support from both political and bureaucratic officers. The Anafa yoga brings fame and reputation to the native.

If the planet Moon is powerful, the native can do well in the field that requires fertile imagination. If the planet Mars is powerful the native will do well in defense, police and sports. If planet Mercury is powerful the native will be success full as a media professional.

If planet Jupiter is strong then the native will do well in banking, finance, insurance and education. If Venus is powerful the native will have achievement in art and entertainment.

If planet Saturn is powerful the native will perform well in mining, machinery and engineering.

If planet Sun is strong the native will do well as an administrator.

Gaja Kesari yog

Gaja Kesari yog is a well known planetary combination in the vedic astrology. Gaja means elephant and Kesari means lion. Hence, it brings the power of elephant and lion.

The person belongs to Gaja kesari yoga becomes famous, wise and a great speaker.

This auspicious yoga happens when the planet Moon and Jupiter are posited in the Kendra from each other.

Durudhara Yog

Durudhara yog happens when there are planets (except Sun, Rahu and Ketu) either side of the Moon. It means also when the native has both Sunafa and Anafa yoga in the chart, the Durudhara yoga is automatically formed.

The person with Durudhara yog is confident, courageous, intelligent, knowledgeable, spiritual, renowned, satisfied, wealth and happy.

The astrologer should consider the strength of other planets so as to understand the power of Durudhara yoga in the birth chart.

Kemadrum Yoga

Kemdrum Yoga happens when the planet Moon has no planets in either side. It is one of the most inauspicious Graha dosh in the natal chart.

This evil dosha formed by moon bring misfortune to the native. I have written a comprehensive article on Kemdrum Dosh that you can go through


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