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Mars Role and Importance In Astrology

Mars is the planet of passion, anger, war, assertion, and separation, and its area of your birth chart indicates how you pursue your objectives, claim yourself, attack and defend, and cut people or situations off (think breakups). It also points to the way you weaponize your skills for preservation and rat race.

Mars characteristics

Mars is Aries' Ruling Planet - and is the planet of action in horoscpe. Your passion, self-confidence, drive, and energy are some facets of your life that Mars controls. This planet authorizes you to stand up and get things done. It rules your courage and your capability.

In the world of love and relationship, Mars rules over your reproductive energy and desire. , Mars rules the key of physical attraction and chemistry. It is the planet of process instead of reaction. When you are under the impect of Mars, you will not contemplate before implementing something but instead jump right into it.

Day of the week governed by Mars: Marsday or Day of the Mars – Tuesday

Color of the Mars – Orange or Colors ruled by Mars: Red color

Orbit time of the whole zodiac of the Mars – 687

Orbit time in one sign of the zodiac – Mars orbits the Sun in 687 days, consuming about 57.25 days in each sign of the zodiac. It is also the first planet that orbits outside of Earth's orbit, doing it the first planet that does not set along with the Sun.

Nature of the Mars – Like Earth, Mercury and Venus, the planet Mars is a rocky, earthbound planet. Its well-known color is makes by using the iron in rocks and dust of the crust's floor oxidising - likewise to the procedure of iron on Earth rusting. Dust is closely existing in Mars's atmosphere, making the planet appear red to us on Earth.

Numbers as per Numerology governed by Mars:

Mars is the planet that governs these born on the 9th, 18th, twenty seventh of any month, or whose identify or future digit is 9. The characteristics of Mars are most truely manifested in human beings who have a soul digit of 9.

Constellation belongs to the Mars.

The zodiac sequence of Mars's ecliptic are almost the equal as those of Earth — after all, the two ecliptic planes only have a mutual capability of 1.85° — but on Mars, the Sun consumes 6 days in the constellation Cetus, leaving and re-entering Pisces as it does so, making a total of 14 zodiacal sequence.

Geometrical shape governed by Mars:

Geometrical structure ruled through Mars: Hourglass. Numbers as per Numerology ruled via Mars: 9, 18, 27, 36 and all these that provides up to nine, are ruled ...

• What is the area of Mars? RA 1h 46m 42s | Dec +6° 24′ 35″

Friendly planets of the Mars – Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Inimical planets of the Mars – Mercury

Neutral planet of the Mars – Mercury, Venus

Own residence in the Zodiac of the Mars –

It is right that mars in its his own home (Scorpio or Aries) and third House to Sagittarius, 2nd House to Taurus, 5th House to Leo has reduced maanglik effects; although not whole nullification. The D9 chart made after marriage can carry the proper planet positions for each the partners

Mooltrik – 20 degree of Leo

Exaltation in the Zodiac – 28th degree of Capricorn.

Debilitation in the zodiac – 28th degree of Cancer.

Metal of the Mars – iron governed by Mars

Precious gemstone – red cora governed by Mars:

Time of wearing stone- Time to wear is between 5-9 AM and between 5-7 PM.

Finger- According to astrology generally red coral – moonga gemstone should be worn in ring finger of right hand.

Special features of the Mars – Honey colored eyes and round face

Mars is Aries' Ruling Planet - and is the planet of process in astrology. Your passion, determination, drive, and energy are some aspects of your life.

Vimshottari Mahadasha period of the Mars – 7 Years

Well placed Mars signifies – A strong Mars gives stamina, courage and determination, making a person constructive and energetic. If it is well-placed

Adverse Mars denotes – Mars offers self confidence, sharp wit, faculty of argumentation and adventurous spirit, strong determination and qualities of leadership in all human pursuits

Represents – wife and girlfriend or Mars as relationship signifies: wife.

The body parts ruled by Mars – Blood, marrow, energy, neck, veins, genitals, neck, red blood cells, Anal, Female organs and body energy levels come under the rulership of Mars.

Mars diseases or Ailments by the Mars – brain disorders, injuries, toxicity, painful eyes, itching, blood clotting, females genital diseases, weak bones, tumor, piles, blisters, knee problems etc are also caused due to weak Mars.

Remedies to reduce the ill effects of Mars

Red Coral is the gemstone for Mars. Wear Red Coral in Silver or Gold (preferably Gold) in Index or Ring finger. But before to go forward you should be taken a consultant from a professional astrologer like acharaj ji consultation is available online you can book.

Worship of Mars

Honor the deity of Mars – Kartikeya or Skanda the hindu warrior God who is the son of Lord Shiva is the deity of Mars. Praying to HIM will assist you imbibe the high-quality characteristics of Mars. The best way to honor a deity is by Japa and Mantra chanting. chant or do Japa is the best method to do during Mars Hora

Gender of Mars: Male.

Planetary cabinet status of Mars: Commander in Chief.

Temperament of Mars: Fixed and Steady.

Element governed by Mars: Agni or Fire.

Primary quality or guna of Mars: Sattva Guna or Serenity.

Caste of the Mars: Kshatriya or Warrior.

Directional strength of Mars: In the Tenth House.

Directional weakness of Mars: In the Fourth House.


According to astrological texts and scriptures, when the planet Mars gets placed from the Sun at a distance of 17 degrees or closer to the Sun, it enters a state of combust. Similarly, Mercury becomes combust at 14 degrees, Jupiter at 11 degrees, Moon at 12 degrees, Venus at 10 degrees and Saturn at 15 degrees.

The planets are said to be combust if they are very close to the Sun. If the longitudinal distance between the Sun and the planet is less than 12°, 17°, 14°, 11°, 10° and 15° respectively for the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn they are said to be in combustion. Mercury when retrograde can be as close to the Sun as 12° after gaining combust. Similarly Venus when retrograde can be near the Sun upto 10° and above to avoid gaining combust. Combustion bults the planets powerless as their rays are counteracted or neutralized completely by the radiation from the Sun.


Mars rules over blood brothers, courage, police administration, theft, burglary, sin, crime, injury, etc. It indicates champions, military actions, blood, gold, copper, surgeons, gases, dentists, engineers, butchers, engines, iron and steel, chemists, dentists, druggists etc

• According to mars nature, strong location of Mars is fruitful for mathematical/engineering/industrial positions. Some also indicate it to be fruitful for government Jobs (especially where perks and power of the position are more highlighted than the pay.) and armed forces, a career in sports.


Mars the champion planet doesn’t go backward so often. Once in every two years Mars come under Retrograde for approximately 2 months 2 weeks. This is a rare circumstance in Astrology. So many human beings in this world are gona have Retrograde Mars in horoscope. Where ever the Retrograde planet sits that homes receives most emphasization instead of the lordship.

Any planet when goes Retrograde, there are four phase of it.

1. While going direct to Rx it turns into stationary for a while – Planet turns into very hard with its herbal signification..

2. After this stationary planet goes retrograde for a while

3. Finally back going retrograde to direct it turns into stationary for a whilst again

4. Finally the planet goes direct from that closing stationary position.

Mars : Initiative, action, aggression, forceful, anger, impulsive, quarrel, fight, courage, energy level, assertive, passion, sex drive, ambition, determination etc.

• Mars denotes taking initiative for anything or everything, When that Mars is retrograde in astrology, human beings takes lots of time in taking first step for anything. Just too much thinking before taking the first move. Hence work will be delayed for sure.
Mars makes a person ‘Go Getter type’, with Retrograde Mars peple will never have that urge to finishup stuffs or taking faster action to achieve objectives.

• Mars Retrograde in birth chart will provide lots of time to made up own courage before bouncing for anything. Determination will be lacking to reach his objectives which can provide frustration at times.

• We need Martian power to reduce obstacles, our attacker, win the battle or competitive exams etc. So to be on that winning spirit or champion attitude Mars Retrograde people will have to battle first with the inner self then they will slowly display the action to the alternative world.

• Mars is Rebellious but With Retrograde Mars in astrology they first rebel with inner self. Native will battle with his conscious, will power to charge for anything or it is harmful for his action.

• When Martian power will be twisted, then obviously human bing will be emotionally doomed most of the time, so Mars Retrograde actually finds it hard to come out of that emotional fuzzy state of brain and take any action promptly like any other normal human beings.

• Mars provide more intercourse drive; If your Mars is Retrograde then it will be hard to be satisfied with bodily pleasure.

• As Mars gives self-reliance, with Retrograde Mars human beings will not be having much reliance on himself, he will be beliving on others more to work for him or to take process, initiave for him. You can not fine putting gun on other’s shoulder, so they are timid and afraid to take step ahead.

• When it comes to anger and aggression, Person with Mars retrograde will never showing his anger directly. He can cut his own hand or torment himself rather showing it to others. In short they are objectless at times.

• When should you make the first move? When should you hold back? Mars retrograde is never sure, and sometimes you may have been too assertive, or not assertive enough.

• Mars Denotes Masculine energy at times Mars retrograde people has tough time showing their masculine side of styles. Mars Retrograde doesn’t mean native has no mascular power, or he is feminine, its just that he finds tough to show it.

• Retrograde Mars tells us all about the fear of taking instant, impulsive and assertive process to move forward as that fear comes from the past life for taking incorrect process impulsively which Mars doesn’t wana repeat anymore. Hence lots of difficulty.


In horoscope Mars is anger, conflicts, uniqueness, and excitement. Mars afacets to another planet activates and excites but also leads to conflict based on single power and trials. Sometimes this can manifest as clashes.

In Vedic horoscope, Mars aspects all of the planets in the same home and in the opposite home.

However, in addition to these aspects, Mars have special aspects, Mars also aspects the 4th and 8th homes forward. Conjunction, 4th 7th aspects is the most stressful aspect, and 8th aspects is least puzzling.

In Astrology Mars is anger, conflicts, uniqueness, and excitement. Mars aspect to another planet turn on and excites but also leads to conflict based on power of every one and struggles.

Sometimes this can manifest as puzzling.

Mars Aspects Ascendant: Mars Dominants 1st house is the your personality or self. When Mars aspecting the controlling, a person is likely to be active, aggressive, assertive, always on the move. The 4th aspects in particular can be a issue. If you have the 4th aspects of Mars then, you have to curb that excess aggression. It’s just a waste of energy to battle all the time.


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