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Rahu Role and Importance In Astrology

In Hindu horoscope, Rahu represents materialism, mischief, fear, dissatisfaction, obsession and distraction. Rahu is also related to politicians and occult sciences. Like Ketu, Rahu is also an enemy against the Sun and moon. It is treated as a malefic planet in astrology generally.
Rahu is treated a highly harmful planet by nature, and it does not control any sign. It has friendly ties with planets like Venus, Mercury, and Saturn. The moon and sun are the enemy planets in which it is more diversified to Sun. It is the grave way in which it impacts the Dasha and retrogression or transit of other sign. If people with wrong Rahu want to reduce the negative effects of the Rahu dosha they can follow certain steps to suffer less. For more information please contact us.

Durga Saptasati– To soothe the shadow of planet Rahu one should read the first chapter of Durga Saptasati. The chant is very useful for disputes in marital life. In case you are hurting from 18 years of the Mahadasha one can pray to goddess Mahakali and Lord Hanuman. This prayer can help in enhancing the sixth sense or intuition. However, if this shows up in your horoscope, it can be a sign of an emergency, cheating, injuries, conspiracy, lack of peace and even death.

Rahu characteristics

Rahu is related to the spiritual process of evolution or the engrossing of spirit in materialization. Rahu is a karaka, or index, of worldly desire, fame, greed, more brilliant, manipulation, obsessive behaviour, foreigners, mass disease, dementia and inertia. The nature of this Graha is Vata, or Airy.

Day of the week governed by Rahu: or Day of the Rahu:- Friday
Colour of the Rahu – Black
Orbit time of the whole zodiac of the Rahu – 18 years
Orbit time in one sign of the zodiac – one and a half year
Nature of the Rahu – Malefic
Numbers as per Numerology governed by Rahu- 4, 13, 22, 31 and all those that add up to four, are governed by it.

Constellation belongs to the Rahu –

Rahu controls the zodiac sign of Aquarius together with Shani. ... Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes. The logic that eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon are at one of these points provides rise to the understanding of swallowing of the Sun and the Moon by the snake

Mansions governed by Rahu are - Ashwini Nakshatra, Magha Nakshatra and Mula Nakshatra.

Geometrical shape governed by Rahu: -

Earth moves around the Sun are elliptical path Moon revolves around the earth. These two paths mterseet at two points These points are opposite to each other and the distance between them is 180°. These two points are called Rahu and Ketu. The elliptical path of Earth is also called as the ecliptic.

Friendly planets of the Rahu – Venus, Mars and Saturn
Inimical planets of the Rahu – Sun and Moon
Neutral planet of the Rahu – Jupiter and Mercury
Own house in the Zodiac of the Rahu – Aries & Scorpio
Mooltrikon – Taurus
Exaltation in the Zodiac – Taurus
Debilitation in the zodiac – Scorpio
The metal of the Rahu – Lead
Precious gemstone – Hessonite or Gomed
Time of wearing stone-
Special features of the Rahu – Deay and Hurdles
Vimshottari Mahadasha period of the Rahu – 8 Years
Well placed Rahu signifies – Prosperity, wealth good position
Adverse Rahu denotes – Arrogance and jealous nature
Represents – Maternal Grandparents
The body parts ruled by Rahu – legs, breathing, neck, lungs 
diseases or Ailments by the Rahu – extreme phobias, incurable Disease, and allergies, anxiety issues, and concentration problems
Gender of Rahu- Feminine.
Planetary cabinet status of Rahu- Rahu do not have any status
The temperament of Rahu- Erratic
Element governed by Rahu- Rahu belongs to Vaayu or Air element
The primary quality or guna of Rahu- Tamo Guna.
Caste of the Rahu- Outcaste, not fit to be a part of normal society.
Direction ruled by Rahu:- Southwest.
Positive keywords(things) for Rahu- Originality, Independence, Insight, Inspiration & Imagination.
  Negative keywords(things) for Rahu- Confusion, Deception, Illusion, Addiction & Neurosis.
Rahu is the karaka or significator of- Rahu for Spiritual Knowledge
Substitute gemstones governed by Rahu- Agate
Food and flavours governed by Rahu- Leftovers

Worship of Rahu-

To reduce the malefic effects of Rahu worship goddess Saraswathi and fast on Saturdays. Light lemon lamps in the temple on Fridays and Tuesdays some experts suggest. To reduce the malefic effects of Ketu worship Lord Ganesha. He bestows good and cools Ketu as there is a Vedic astrological connection between the two

Remedies to reduce the ill effects of Rahu-

To overcome obstacles and hurdles caused due to the wrong placement of Rahu, the native must chant ‘Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroum Sah Rahave Namah’ mantra. This mantra is for appeasing Lord Shiva and helps in calming the nerves and is the key to unlock sustainable prosperity.
The native must donate blue and black-coloured clothes and blankets, edible oil and black sesame seeds to the poor and needy. To get the maximum benefit, the donations should be made on Saturday and Wednesday.
The native should wear a silver chain.
The individual must feed a black dog or keep a black dog as a pet.
The native must visit the temple of Lord Shiva and Lord Bhairav as often as possible.


This planet which loses some of its strength under being too close to Sun is also known as a combust planet. ... Rahu and Ketu never become combust under their compactness to Sun as they are shadow planets and they don't have physical attributes like combustion.


Rahu is the north node of the moon. Rahu related careers are not conventional types. Rahu power within human beings always brings learning to think in a different idea or to do something different Rahu denotes career belongs to physicians researchers, medicine or drugs, waste- material-dealers, speculators.


Rahu and Ketu, are not planets in the true sense, have perpetual retrograde movements. ... Phaladeepika grips the view that a retrograde planet in its sign of debilitation is equal to its occupation of exaltation sign, and that exalted retrograde planets act as though they are debilitated.


Rahu's Aspects – In Astrology, Rahu has 3 aspects. Rahu aspects 5th house from its position, 7th house from its position and 9th house from its position. So, if Rahu is at 10th house, it will aspect 2nd house (5th house aspect), 4th house (7th house aspect) and 6th house (9th house aspect).


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