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About Sun

The Sun act as a fundamental or a primary function of the 9 planets. It is the flare deity and is worshipped as a God of Sun. It is believed that seven horses pull his chariot, which represents the 7chakra. He is the lord of Sunday. He is worshipped to seek solar or sunlight. Lord sun bless the worshippers with; luxury, pleasure, capability, and grandeur (richness).  Scientifically or Astrologically Sun is the soul of the universe. It passes sparks of heat energy to the whole wide world. Planets, constellations, galaxies etc. revolves around it. Leo is ruled by the lord Sun. It is considered to be the controller of the brain. The planet Sun is besides acknowledged as the God of Egypt.

Sun History

According to the Hindu scriptures, Sun is declared to be the soul of the universe. The earth gains heat from it and illuminates to the entire world. The Vedas have characterized the appreciation of Sun such Surya upanishad, Bhavishya Purana,Matsya Purana, Brahma Purana, Markandeya Purana etc. It is highly believed as an eye of God in Rigveda and Yajurveda identify Chaksho Suryo Jayat.

Personality or characteristics of Sun in astrology

As we all know sun is the center of the universe. Without Sun there is absence of living creation of God.

• The sun offers us endurance and the capability of resistance and immunity

• It is responsible for our external appearance – the body's constitution.

• The Sun offers existence force, the will-power, intellect, inspiration, prosperity, fulfillment in worldly affairs, wealth, personal, conduct, activity, gladness, properly fortune, wisdom, ambition, fame, the knowledge of the outstanding world, and the know-how of medicine.

• It additionally governs our relationship with the temples and holy places.

  The human backbone is particularly prompted with the aid of using the Sun. Pingala Nadi, which represents the Sun, which originates at the bottom of the backbone at the proper side, and its nature, and terminates inside the proper nostril.

Constellation belongs to the Sun

Sun Nakshatras: Kritika, Uttra Phalguni, and Uttra Khad are dominated with the aid of using the Sun.

Geometrical shape governed by Sun

The geometrical shape ruled by the sun is a quadrangle. Sun is dominant to all of them therefore it is considered to the emperor holder.

Friendly planets of the Sun

Often the planets are benefited to each other due to the friendly relationship. Friendly planets of the Sun are Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Inimical planets of the Sun

As the Sun is the ruling planet of the solar system. It does have some hostile planets which are named as Venus and Saturn. When Sun riches their house it brings the adverse affect on the native.

Neutral planet of the Sun

Sun holds a neutral relationship with mercury. Then the effect on the house will be calculated by studying the angle of the neighbor planets.

Own house in the Zodiac of the Sun

The house of the planet Sun is the fifth house. It is the house which brings glory and honor. This house brings natural progress in the native life. It moulds your character and brings stability in your working life.


Leo is Sun’s Mooltrikon sign and consequently, its miles powerful in Leo. An individual achieves success and remains wholesome at some stage in his life, if Sun is powerful and loose from the affect of any unfavorable planets. Mooltrikon of planet sun simply means 20 degree of Leo planet.

Exaltation in the Zodiac

The person experience power, commanding, forceful, dynamic and dominant; if the sun is exalted in their natal chart. The native with exalted sun is said to possess leadership qualities. Such people get success in the field of politics and corporate affairs. He native with exalted sun in Aries at 10 degree is considered to be the center of attraction among people. In Vedic astrology it is known as Uche

Debilitation in the zodiac

Debilitation or Niche on the zodiac Sun faces downfall and not so good results. The Sun is debilitation in Libra at 10 degree just opposite to the exalted Sun in Aries. The natives in the field of administration and management will suffer loss during the debilitation of the Sun. The once in the field of medical will suffer problem with the reputation.

Metal of the Sun

Sun represents the metals like Copper, Ruby and Gold. The native suffering with any problem should wear these metals.

Time of wearing stone

• The stone of the sun should be worn on Sunday as it is the day of the lord Sun.

• It should be worn in the morning time.

• t should be worn between 5-9 AM.

• It can be worn as any ornament. For example ring or a necklace.


Don’t wear any gemstone without any consultation. As it can effect negatively if worn without the proper information of the planets in your kundali. Therefore, consult well before wearing a stone.

Finger to wear the ornament

Wearing a gemstone in the right finger brings success in one’s life. The right finger to wear the Sun ornament is to wear it in the ring finger.

Numbers as per Numerology governed by Sun

The Sun offers undoubtble consequences if positioned in homes 1 to 5, 8,9,11 and 12. The sixth, seventh, and tenth are awful homes for the Sun. The Moon, the Jupiter and the Mars are the planets pleasant to the Sun, in which the Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are its enemies. The first is the Puccka Ghar, the everlasting house and the residence of superior Sun, while the seventh residence resembles weakness.

Directional strength of Sun:

In Vedic astrology directional strength is known as digbala. Where dig means “direction” and digbala means “strength”. The sun in the southern direction or towards the 10th house in is powerful state.

Directional weakness of Sun

As the strength is considered to be towards the southern direction. Therefore, it is obvious that the weaknesses will be in the opposite direction that is northern direction.


Combustion is the unique feature or personality of the Sun. when any planet gets too closer to the Sun. the massive heat of the Sun produce fire and burns the planet which looses it power, luster and shine. The planet burnt by the Sun is called as combust planet.


In the Sun horoscope the person gets the influence of various jobs or profession. It is considered to enhance the quality of leadership. The native can get into the profession of jewelries, politics, photographer, designing, magistrate, surveyor or a dealer of wool or a forest officer. This native can get into any of these fields. It also represents to get in medicals labs or medicines.


The special quality of the Sun is that it never retrogrades. Retrograde is the backward movement of the planets. Sun never retrogrades as it is considered as a soul planet.

Special features of the Sun

Sun hold the special features as it has red colored eyes and round face. This extra ordinary planet has blonde hair and hands.

Sun conjunction with different planets or houses

Let's see what way to have sun in conjunction in a single residence.


The local could have the strength to study Vastushastra. He will be an excellent sculptor and might witness the enterprise of iron and stone.


This association makes the local of the residence aggressive, bold, and hardworking.  However, he receives sufficient returns for his effortless works. He has the capacity to turn out to be famous.


Soft spoken and higher analytical abilities are the functions of the natives and that they can be probably actors, editors and thinkers.


Knowledge is the power of the natives of this residance. They without problems get favours from excessive rating officers and famous people.


The thoughts of the local are full of adultery as it has complete mind of sexuality. His suitable profession can be painting. He’s at an excessive chance of suffering illnesses associated with the eye.


The natives have confidence in God. They are informative and informed in terms of metals

Sun effect on earthly Being

Solar radiation that isn't absorbed by the ecosystem (for instance through clouds) reaches the floor of the Earth. The Earth absorbs maximum of the capability of attaining to its floor, a small fraction is neglected. In total about 70% of incoming radiation is absorbed through the ecosystem and the Earth’s crust.  Around 30% is ignored to area and does no longer heat the floor. The Earth radiates power at wavelengths a great deal longer than the Sun due to the fact it's far colder. Part of this lengthy wave radiation is absorbed through greenhouse gases which then radiate power into all directions, including downwards and thereby trapping warmth within the ecosystem. 
Without this herbal greenhouse impact, the Earth’s common floor temperature might be an inhospitable -18°C (0°F) as opposed to the 14°C (59°F) we enjoy today. This impact is more desirable through growing greenhouse fuel oil concentrations with the ecosystem because of emissions through human sports such as burning fossil fuels. The most important lengthy-lived greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). But they're now no longer the handiest forces at work.

Sun diseases or Ailments by the Sun

Sun sicknesses: A bothered and ill-inspected Sun offers low and excessive blood pressure, indigestion, jaundice, cholera, fever, diabetes, appendicitis, hemorrhage, cardiac thrombosis, eruptions at the face, typhoid, tuberculosis, intellectual issues because of wondering too a great deal, sicknesses of the head, epilepsy, and issues because of annoyed gal (ill feeling). The Sun's steel is Gold and his course is east. His day is Sunday, and he comes into complete adulthood and brilliance at age 22.

The organs dominant by the Sun


The Sun is hooked up with the proper eye in men and the left eye in women. The Sun dominants heart, liver, lungs, head (brain), nerves and bones.

Sun manifestation or significance or Importance

Sun is extra ordinarily powerful whilst its miles in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius signal. Sun is superior in Aries sign. An individual is bodily in shape and active if Sun in a Kundali is in powerful state. Sun is the purpose of rainfall.

• If Sun is dominant in a Kundali, it makes someone extremely powerful. Such an individual is aware of the way to manipulate his feelings and carefully thinks approximately a scheme earlier than achieving a conclusion. Such a person has amazing nature. But every now and then humans take the native to be arrogant or packed with pride. But that is not true.

• A dominant Sun makes the native responsible.

• Lord Sun makes us realize how important the sun is. Its absence in the kundali brings darkness and its presence in the kundali brings a ray of hope, energy and power.

• Lord sun holds the strength to offer political success.

• Placement of the Sun in the horoscope of the native brings fame and power in every aspect of life including its occupation, only if the placement is in friendly residence.

The worship day of Sun

The Sun is governor by the day Sunday. Worship of this Devata (GOD) on Sunday is meant to lead in manifold blessings to the worshipers.

The color of the Sun

The color of the Sun or Surya is Vermillion Red or we can say the Combination of red and orange. The color of the Sun is resembles as the energy and strength. This color helps the native to be active without any laziness.

Orbit time of the whole zodiac of the Sun

Sun is the God-of residing, God who is visible to the earthly beings, and whom we perceive and pray. He is the existence-giver and time-giver. The Sun takes 1 year or twelve months to finish a spherical of 12 Rashis.

Orbit time in one zodiac sign

The Sun remains one month in every Rashi. It makes it movement in all the houses and shows different types of effect on each house. Some it tends to be dominant and in some houses it is in recessive state.

Nature of the Sun

Sun is considered to be the superior body of the entire solar system. It is the dominant planet or the leader of all the planets. The Sun is the fierce planet. It can be evil or blessed in a house, mainly depends on the planet in the neighbor house.

The Sun act as the most powerful and trustworthy planet in the science of extrapolative astrology. The blessing of the Surya is so tangible. The Sun considered to be the argumentative planet as it is the leader of the entire universe.

Vimshottari Mahadasha period of the Sun

As the Sun is the governing planet of all the planets. Its Mahadasa continues for 6 years. The mahadasa for Sun is the powerful of Vimshottari administrative. It is also considered as the longest process of mahadasa for 6 years. In Vedic Astrology it is also known as Surya Mahadasa. This particular dasa have its own pros and cons.

Well placed Sun signifies

If the placement of the sun is well placed. The native will be in a happy state and satisfied with his/her life.

•The Sun will help the native to be courageous and the native will fearlessly battle the problems.

•The native might make huge profit in his/her business.

•The native might possess good leadership qualities and become great political leader.

•The native will have more power and money.

Adverse Sun denotes

• It is believed that sun is the most powerful planets among all. But if this planet is ill- placed.

• Than the native might suffer from serious issues physically, mentally and even socially.

• The native may suffer loss in its business, due to his arrogant nature.

• The native might have the habit of jealousy, and not have good relationship with others.

• Might suffer serious health issues, even may loss his/her life.

Remedies to reduce the ill effects of Sun

•Wear the gemstone suggest by the astrologer.

• Freshen up and offer holy water (Jal) to the Sun every morning.

• Avoid eating non-vegetarian.

• Fast every Sunday as it is the day of Sun.

• Honour your elders and even those who are working under you.

Gender of Sun

Practically Sun has no gender. But the moon is considered as feminine gender. Therefore it is believed that Sun is a masculine.

Planetary status of the sun

We all know Sun is known as the soul of all the planets. Without Sun there will be no existence of living beings. Therefore, Sun is known as the “King” of all planets and galaxies.

Temperament of Sun

Everybody has its own chemical balance. Therefore, the native will have fixed and steady temperament. The native will have great power of concentration and will be task oriented which will help him make good money or profits in business.

Element governed by Sun

Sun is Governed by the element “Fire” or Agni. the unique property of combustion itself resembles that Sun is the Source of heat. The house governed by fire are full of power and strength.

Primary quality or guna of Sun

The primary quality of Sun is Sattva which offers harmony, balance and happiness. It makes liberation possible by reducing rajas and tamas. Sattva keeps thr native focused, cheerful, business oriented and so on.

Caste of the Sun

According to the astrology the caste of the Sun is Kshatriya. It is the Hindu caste which comes after the Brahmins. During the ancient days it use to the highest caste. Kshatriya is a Sanskrit word which means Warrior.

Sun represents

Sun is represented as the sustainer of the universe. Being the soul of the world or earthly existence. It is represented as the warmth of the mother and light of bright success

Aspects of Sun

• It is considered as the King of the Universe. According to the Vedic astrology.

• If the sun is ill placed in the native house it might suffer problem related to Sun.

• Combination of Sun and Mercury form a yoga which makes a person brilliant.

• Sun plays vital role in the process of Marriage.


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