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Vastu for Washing room: Vastu For Anxiety, Analysis

East-South-East: A wrong Vastu toward this path can get uneasiness and strains, yet on the off chance that it is right, it helps in settling on the correct choices.

On the off chance that you are confronting the accompanying issues throughout your life, there can be a negative vitality or irregularity toward this path.

✔ Disarrays and frail basic leadership control

✔ Frail investigative aptitudes for making a decision about circumstances or occasions

✔ Pointless clashes among the individuals from the house

✔ Nervousness, affectability, and sensitivities

✔ Different and undesirable musings

✔ Questions, doubts and question among the relations and families

✔ Spillages of tap, blocked pipelines, splits in floor, bug, drainage or clamminess in the house

✔ Regularly clashes and battles on little issues


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