I perceive that in making an appointment with Acharya Shailesh Tiwary that payment is made for his time only. I also know that there is no guarantee on the varacity rate of the consultation and that aim of the information should be used as entertainment only. As he is an Astrologer but not a health care professional so his any astrology information is not implied to be a alternate for professional medical suggestions, diagnosis or treatment. Acharya Shailesh Tiwary is not responsible for any suggestion, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS, services or products that you obtain on the basis of his information. He does not insist anyone to follow his suggestions. Its up to you to make your own decision to follow the recommendations. You will be the sole responsible for the outcomes. There is no refund or cancellation policy on transactions after the payment process has been completed. It is completely understood that by booking a consultation you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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